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Jalal Uddin
I am Jalal Uddin, I am also known as DG as my digital footprint. I am a Full-stack Web Developer. I serve as my profession Website, Web Application, Software Development, Server Administration, UI/UX Design and Graphics Design.

Jalal Uddin

Working As Full-stack Web Developer at Step-up IT & Training Institute Studying in B.Sc. Engg. in Mechatronics Engineering from RUET

Services, I provide with passion

Website Development
I prefer LAMP stack. I have experience in web development with LAMP stack since 2015. I love PHP, and Laravel Framework of PHP.
Web Application Dev
I love VueJS as Frontend Application JS Framework. I have experience in web application development with VueJS frontend, Laravel RESTAPI back-end since 2019.
API Development
I am experienced with RESTfull API development, both in PHP and NodeJS. In my work I prefer PHP with Laravel framework as the backend of API development.

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